Issue 6: data

Issue 6: data

$ 18.00

Data collection, processing, and analysis are in the background of many activities we take for granted. This issue explores how we work with data, keep it useful over time, and understand its civic importance.

Ships in early March.


  • Mistakes Were Made: a Series of Unfortunate Data Events by Rachel Shadoan
  • Digital Repositories, Data, and Us by Ann Cooper
  • We Were Always Here: Absences at the Intersection of Identity and Data Collection by Valerie Collins and Nicole Contaxis
  • Exploring an SQL Database by Amy Farrell
  • Data Cleaning: a Necessary Chore by Serena Peruzzo
  • All the News That’s Fit to Sync: on Journalism, Tech, and Open Source Communities by CJ Joulain
  • The 1900 Paris Exposition