Issue 1: beginnings and inspirations

Issue 1: beginnings and inspirations

$ 16.00

Our first full issue of The Recompiler is out now! Enjoy 60 pages in full color, featuring educational and fun articles about computing, DNS, SSL, how to create your own glitchy art, and more!

Limited copies available.


  • Future Perfect: the making of a sci-fi text adventure game by Morgane Santos
  • Computers, Programs, and Wrestling with Infinity by Clarissa Littler
  • 80s Child by Kerstin Kollmann
  • The Web Is Broken: How DNS breaks almost every design principle of the internet by Cynthia Taylor
  • SSL: It’s hard to do right by Karla Burne
  • Playing Sysadmin for my Activist Mates by Brianna Laugher
  • Every Day Carry by Meli L.