Issue 2: security

$ 16.00

Issue 2 of The Recompiler focuses on issues of security, transparency, and accessibility. 56 pages with full-color glossy printing.

The articles cover: two-factor authentication, randomness and random variables, algorithm transparency, systems of trust, and disability and feminism in hacking.


  • Two Tokens and a Cat: working with two-factor authentication by Zoe Landon
  • Minimizing Your Trust Footprint by Emily St.
  • Reasoning About Opaque Algorithms by Rachel Shadoan
  • Why Random Variables are Neither Random nor Variable: statistics and quantum cryptography by Aditya Mukerjee
  • From JS to JewelBots: an interview with Sara Chipps by Aurelia Moser
  • Ramping Up: disabled feminisms and hacking by Khairani Barokka
  • Everyday Carry by Liz Henry