Issue 4: legacy systems

$ 16.00

In this issue, we talk about legacy systems and their impact, from the lessons of the long-running GNOME project to the process of transitioning LTO tape archive data forward for long-term access. 60 pages, glossy full-color printing.


  • Thinking “Long Term” with LTO by Rebecca Fraimow
  • Why I Love Legacy DevOps by Katie McLaughlin
  • Legacy Systems as Old Cities by Federico Mena Quintero
  • Women in Programming: Erasure and visibility by Sanna Mustelin
  • Identifying and Managing Legacy File Formats by Chelsea Gunn
  • Progress is a Comfortable Disease by Heidi Waterhouse
  • A Library, Its Users, and Its Technology: Forty years at the National Library of Medicine by Nicole Contaxis
  • The Art and Labor of Maintenance by Sonia Connolly